My standard model is a traditionally fan-braced guitar with modern structural implements, such as a carbon fibre reinforced neck, laminated sides, laminated linings, and an engineered neck joint/block of original design.  

      My aim is to achieve the sonority and richness of the traditional Spanish guitar, yet meet today’s demands of higher-tension strings and projection.



  • Soundport
  • Elevated fingerboard
  • Bevel Cutaway
  • Alternative scale lengths
  • Alternative neck widths
  • Unrestricted woods for ease of travel and export


A ceaseless curiosity with how things resonate has occupied the majority of my waking hours for as long as I can remember. Considering this curiosity along with a fascination for building things, and growing up in a musical family; you could say my fate was sealed.

My first introduction to building and repairing instruments took place during my high school years, and I studied instrument repair at Fretworks, then located in Calgary, Alberta.  After exploring other options in post secondary, it seemed as though my curiosity had developed into a passion that would haunt me until making it my primary focus in life.

My approach is a combination of respect for the time-tested traditions of the past, and an open mind to modern innovations.  It is a tremendous privilege to have access to superb materials, proper tools, and people who share a passion for fine musical instruments.


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